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Clients and success stories with HybridForms

Saarland Police
Saarland Police / Germany:
Mobile data collection regarding traffic accidents ›

Public Safety / Policing

»Testing HybridForms for traffic accident recording (VU app) at the Saarland Police has shown us that there is a considerable potential for us to exploit. We gain time and quality through the immediate, simple and intuitive recording on site using tablets and smartphones. We can avoid multiple entries, and our colleagues are inspired by the technology. In short: HybridForms is flexible, simple, and reliable!«
Ralf Stoll, Executive Chief of Police, Ministry of Interior, Infrastructure and Sports, Saarland

CBmed - Center for Biomarker Research
CBmed – Center for Biomarker Research / Austria:
Clinical Studies ›
Healthcare / Research

»The tablet-based data entry with HybridForms makes much faster, more efficient and paper-saving data collection possible for us, when it comes to the diabetes registry for biomarker research.
I am convinced that we will come across this model again for other future research projects.« Harald Sourij, Academic Lead Area Metabolism and Inflammation, CBmed Biomarker Research, Clinical Department for Endocrinology and Diabetology at the Medical University of Graz

Spital STS AG / Switzerland:

»HybridForms simplifies the process of patient interaction and the patient’s consent to examination. Traditional paper documentation will be replaced by electronic forms, because these are readily available anywhere. The forms can be pre-filled with HIS data to prevent errors and accelerate procedure. The intuitive app allows anyone to use HybridForms without any training.«
Joël Stampfli, Medical informatics at Thun Hospital

Camp Australia / Australia:

»Area managers regularly visit educators and facilities to oversee quality and program delivery at hundreds of sites nationally. Using mobile HybridForms with tablet PCs, we get all evaluation results fully digital and without delay. Our support teams are instantly connected with field operations, ensuring we are always delivering quality care which exceeds parents and kids expectations.«
Adam Pease, CEO

Reference story: Schaeppi Grundstücke
Schaeppi Grundstücke / Switzerland:

»HybridForms digitalizes all tenant change data on location. The electronic form replaces the hard copy paper version we used in the past. Hence, damages can be recorded right away and the information can be made instantly available on our in-house system and to everyone involved. Even before they are used, the forms are filled using data from our system. The application of standards enables me to generate my own workflows and to continue to utilize the required data.«
Adrian Gonzalez, Head of Information Technology

ASFINAG / Austria:
Inspection of highway bridges and tunnels

»HybridForms, one of the essential pillars of our ASFINAG Infrastructure Management Tools makes it possible for us to execute and process tasks assigned to ASFINAG Asset Management involving structural inspections. In the process, road availability can now be determined very flexibly on location using tablets and/or in the office as well, using desktop equipment. The mobile app interface puts a state-of-the-art tool directly into the hands of our employees, replacing the analog formalism they had to deal with previously.«
Thomas Steinbrucker, Engineering – Asset Manager

Client: Rhineland-Palatinate Police
Rhineland-Palatinate Police / Germany:
Mobile Case Processing
Public Safety / Policing
Bern Cantonal Police / Switzerland:
Police Reports
Public Safety / Policing
MAN Diesel & Turbo SE / Germany:
Inspections of Turbochargers (PoC)
Success story: Bauer Group
Bauer Group / Austria:
Handling of Cases of Service and Damage
Success story: EVN
EVN AG – Power, Gas and District Heating / Austria:
Energy Consulting Compressed Air Analysis (PoC)
Power Supply
AUVA Allgemeine Unfallversicherung / Austria:
Application and Consultation Forms for Medical Rehabilitation
Public Social Insurance

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