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Download the demo app in the Windows Store
Download the demo app in Google Play

Free trial: HybridForms Demo App in the Windows Store

est the HybridForms Demo App free of charge – without any obligation to purchase and completely risk-free.

You can try it out using the sample forms, which are available in four languages (English, German, French, Italian). The app will allow you to get to know the system and familiarize yourself with mobile handling. And you can try selected functions like for example data input in form fields, take photos, annotate photos, draw sketches, record voice memos, add handwritten signatures.

This will also enable you to test the real-world suitability of different tablets and mobile computers.

Please remember that this free version of the HybridForm Demo App offers only limited functions.

HybridForms with
enhanced test access

We provide individual user accesses for one or more users, an activation key for two weeks, as well as access to icomedias servers with numerous different sample forms.

This allows you to test the HybridForms app more extensively, as well as access SharePoint and download and print forms as PDF versions. Forms are stored and synchronized with the server and your device landscape.

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Proof of Concept (PoC)
with your own forms

With the Proof of Concept (PoC), you can try out mobile forms with HybridForms under real conditions – with your own tailor-made forms and, optionally, integrated into your systems. For real-world results.

Optionally with integration into your systems.
Optionally also with installation of HybridForms on your servers.

Benefit from the security and sustainability of a Proof of Concept!

Boost your productivity with digital forms – both online and off