Beginning in the Fall of 2017, HybridForms will be available also as a native Android app. This makes the mobile form solution ideal for organizations who have a mix of different operating systems and mobile terminal equipment in use. For end users who are working with iPads and iPhones, an iOS version will be also available in the fall 2017.

Native Android app for mobile data acquisition

Android is the world’s most often used operating system. On smartphones, it enjoyed a market share of just under 88% in the third quarter of 2016. By using Android’s Mobile Device Management (MDM), desktop PCs, laptops and all mobile terminal devices can be controlled centrally. Through central »Over-the-air« (OTA) updates, applications on even those devices in mobile use can be serviced simply, quickly and reliably. HybridForms will be available as a native Android app and will, as a result, also be able to utilize the functions and advantages of the operating system.

Strategic Partner: Samsung

icomedias and Samsung will work closely together on Android projects in the future as part of their strategic partnership. With Samsung Knox, Samsung has developed its own system for proprietary and secure access to corporate data on mobile devices which is anchored directly to the hardware. This security technology is, when combined with HybridForms’ form solution, especially interesting for sensitive areas of activity like police, civil protection and health services.

Samsung Knox