HybridForms’ form systems will also be available as a native iOS app for the iPhone and iPad from December 2017. This means that HybridForms will then be available as a professional multi-platform solution for all operating systems and on all devices – Windows, Android, iOS and Web. The advantage: companies will be able to use the system across platforms for mobile data capture and form-based workflows on different devices and under different operating systems.

Native iOS app for mobile and consistent digital forms

In the smartphone market, iPhones have for years held steadily onto their marketshare and are in second place worldwide behind the market leader, Android. icomedias has kept abreast and now — alongside the HybridForms apps for Windows and Android — has published a unique version for iPhone and iPad. It offers complete offline functionality to enable seamless switching between online and offline modes with automatic data synchronization.
HybridForms also supports the functions for biometric signature on the iPad Pro. Users can sign the forms by hand right on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil; the biometric features will be stored automatically in digital form.

Multi-platform solution for maximum flexibility – now in the mix with OS and devices

Given the possibility of using HybridForms regardless of platform, users and companies will now enjoy maximum flexibility for mobile data capture. Thus for example, an outside sales rep can start to fill out a form on his iPhone, later continue on his iPad and then finish the job in the office on a Windows desktop PC. Or he uses his Android smartphone for taking photographs onsite along with initial data and later continues to work on the form with his tablet. For users with older office PCs, there is, in addition, the HybridForms WebFiller with which forms can be filled out using a web browser.

Professional security functions and compliance

Users and groups are administered securely with Active Directory. A user who had edited forms on one device can later call up this form on other devices via his Active Directory Identity and continue working on it. All data will be synchronized with the central server and new tasks and forms will be assigned corresponding to the role and group membership of that particular user.
Thanks to the cross-platform functionality of HybridForms, it is also possible to enter the preferences of employees for a particular device or operating system in order to thereby avoid the use, for example, of private smartphones in the job environment. Compliance with the corresponding guidelines will thereby be observed and the risks to companies that occur from the use of private devices will be minimized.