HybridForms 3.6 new in Windows Store

The new HybridForms 3.6 version is now available as a demo app in the Windows Store. Fill out your forms on-site with the mobile Windows app and then edit them across devices and platforms using your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. With new features such as enhanced signature field, automatic transcription of voice memos, and Office 365 – SharePoint Online, HybridForms is ideal for professional use and work in teams.

New: HybridForms with Office 365 – SharePoint Online

Now you can use HybridForms without having to run a SharePoint server on-premises as a central data platform. Begin your form project quickly and easily without having to depend on internal IT resources. Running HybridForms with Office 365 – SharePoint Online requires the installation of the SharePoint app »HybridFormsAddinO365«.

Office 365
Office 365

New: Microsoft Cognitive Services – Bing Speech

Include an unlimited number of language recordings for your forms, including your personal comments, third-party statements, or statements from witnesses. Then use the integrated Bing Speech API to automatically transcribe them. The transferred text is supplemented in the form, and optionally in the automatically generated PDF as well.

Microsoft Cognitive Services - Bing Speech
Microsoft Cognitive Services - Bing Speech

New: Enhanced signature field – more security

By default, all fields for biometric signatures are now saved with a guilloche pattern. This makes them even more recognizable as special signature areas. Once a handwritten signature has been added, the system automatically locks the field using write-protection after a few seconds. The system also simultaneously displays the date and time the signature was created, as well as a unique #ID which can later be used to precisely assign the signature to the form.

Enhanced signature field - more security
Enhanced signature field - more security

Digital form processes with HybridForms

HybridForms is a mobile and integrated digital form solution for intelligent and process-driven data collection for teams. For Windows 10 Client App and SharePoint Server or Office 365 – SharePoint Online. Use HybridForms Universal Windows App to fill out forms when you’re mobile, on tablet or phone – even offline. All data entered is automatically synchronized. Work online with HybridForms Webfiller with HTML5 on office PCs with Windows 7, XP, Android, MacOS, as well as iPhone or iPad.
HybridForms is a good replacement for Microsoft InfoPath and integrates with the workflow system of your choice, e.g. Nintex, K2 or Firestart.

Free demo version in the Windows Store

Test the app with three sample forms – free of charge and without obligation! Please note that the demo version of the HybridForms app only contains limited functionality.

Replace your paper forms – for error-free data acquisition, enhanced productivity and faster evaluation of data.