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Offline App for mobile data capture

Offline App for mobile data capture

You are away on business without access to the internet? Or on rough terrain, in a tunnel or a shielded building? No problem! The HybridForms App offers robust offline functionality for reliable offline productivity.

To continue work offline is an essential requirement for successful mobile data acquisition. All data that you enter in offline mode will be synchronized automatically with the central data platform as soon as network is available again. This process allows you to work continuously, also when data connection is low. Your benefit: Seamless online and offline operation with automatic sync – for optimum mobility.

A horizontal bar at the top shows the current offline/online status (red/gray):

Offline mode

  • Red bar: no internet connection
  • Display: offline since [date] and [time]
HybridForms Offline mode

Online mode

  • Gray bar: internet connection
  • Display: current  [date] and [time]
HybridForms Online mode

Offline data capture with the HybridForms App

Stay productive, even when have low or no internet connectivity. The HybridForms App provides robust and reliable offline functions:

  • Call up new forms
  • Capture form data, edit and save form content
  • Take photos, add annotations
  • Draw free-hand sketches
  • Record audio and voice memos
  • Capture and save authentic signatures
  • Use automatic calculations in form fields
  • Find content in forms with full-text search
  • Synchronization of data when network is available

Forrester Research: The Offline Mobile Challenge

»… offline support will be a crucial consideration for nearly every future modern application. Unfortunately, our experience shows that offline support is the mobile app feature continually underscoped by developers and over-simplified by stakeholders. This report dives into the nuances of offline, its varying flavors, and why it’s often the most expensive (and valuable) infrastructure service mobile dev teams will implement.« (Source: Forrester Research)

HybridForms Offline Mode
HybridForms Online Mode