HybridForms Proof of Concept (PoC):
Test with your own real forms

With the Proof of Concept (PoC), you can try out mobile forms with HybridForms under real conditions – with your own tailor-made forms and, optionally, integrated into your systems. For real results.

Stages of a Proof of Concept (PoC)

A PoC is the testing of essential functions in practice. You select from your existing (paper) forms and create your individual form template(s) with the intuitive HybridForms Designer. Our team supports you with training and assists with concept, design and digital implementation.

We set up HybridForms for you and activate access for five users. Your employees work with your real forms and can actually use advanced features such as PDF, data sync, SharePoint or biometric signatures.

A PoC lasts about eight weeks. During this time you will check in practice how well HybridForms meets the requirements of your processes – and especially the daily added value for your users.

icomedias takes over the costs for servers, operation and licenses, as well as a part of other outlays. In return, icomedias may name the customer with logo and PoC title (without details).

Your benefit: You don’t need any internal IT server, because icomedias servers or your Office 365 are used. You only need to provide mobile devices for your team.

PoC package: € 4,800

(Service worth € 7,200 minus € 2,400 discount)

Included are:

Project setup, setup of your user accounts, test licenses and systems for 60 days

Setup HybridForms on icomedias servers or in your Office 365

Training design of forms, usability, and templating for 2 x 4 hours

1 x support pool for 16 hours

Optional: Additional support packages
Further support is possible at any time, you determine your needs:

  • Joint design and technical implementation of forms by icomedias
  • Further development of the PoC (test of main functions in practice) to a pilot project (small regular operation)
  • Installation on your own servers instead of icomedias or with Office 365
  • Interfaces and integration to your systems for data exchange and workflow

Add flexibly:

Support pools
at € 2,400 for 16 hours

Valid for support of your choice

All prices in € Euro excl. VAT. Errors and omissions excepted. Information as of March 2019, valid until further notice.

Advantages of a PoC project

  • Safe preliminary project: Results from a PoC flow directly into the planning for your production project and reduce risks. Your assumptions can be pre-tested, and errors be avoided.

  • No purchase risk: You can test without having to buy licenses.

  • No need for internal IT infrastructure: The PoC runs at icomedias or with Microsoft Office 365, your in-house IT has not effort and does not have to provide internal servers.

  • Real conditions: You can test everything in your day-to-day working environment – from devices, handling, to interfaces and data exchange.

  • Sustainable investment: Many of the PoC services such as form design or interfaces can be used in a follow-on production project and reduce costs.

You are interested in a Proof of Concept (PoC)? Then please contact us at info@hybridforms.net.

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