Digital transformation and its impact on our processes is the main topic of the »Production & IT« in Linz on November 10, 2016. icomedias will present its mobile form solution HybridForms, and as part of the software alliance isv4industry also comprehensive solutions for the smart factory of tomorrow.

Industry 4.0: Success by a smart factory with integrated solutions

isv4industry is an alliance of independent, internationally active software manufacturers from Austria, who offer their expertise to bring holistic solutions to the intelligent factory of tomorrow. COPA-DATA, icomedias and PROLOGICS offer a cross-system solution to connect production data and processes for customers in Industry 4.0. The software products zenon (COPA-DATA), HybridForms (icomedias) and FireStart (PROLOGICS) are seamlessly integrated. Through the networking of various systems you get quality benefits in production processes, greater flexibility, higher customer satisfaction and sustainable savings in resources. In 2016 isv4industry received the coveted award as Microsoft Country Partner of the Year.

Mobile business foms with HybridForms

HybridForms is a powerful, mobile and end-to-end digital form solution for Windows 10 and SharePoint. It covers the whole process, starting with the design of customized templates, the automatic pre-population of form fields, recording of data, photos and voice memos with the mobile app, continuous synchronisation of data, up to workflows and interfaces to third party systems. For enhanced processes, reduced risks and improved data quality.
Two features of the mobile app are of special interest for companies in industrial environments: The seamless switch between online and offline mode enables users to continue work without disruptions and without data loss. With the signature form field, users can sign by hand with a stylus directly on the business tablet. In doing so, HybridForms saves biometric characterics like writing speed and pressure flow.

Live demo: Mobile business forms with HybridForms

Meet us at the »Production & IT« in Linz on November 10, 2016! If you are interested to talk to our consultants or want to try out HybridForms in a hands-on demonstration at our booth, simply contact us at