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Forms with authentic signatures

Digital forms with biometric signatures

Already for many decades, photographs, fingerprints and signatures have been used to uniquely identify individual persons. The handwritten signature has, in contrast to the fingerprint and the iris, a special role for incorporating biometric properties since it exhibits both static and dynamic characteristics.

The possibility of signing digitally is, because of technical advances — in this case, mobile devices with stylus input — already current practice in many areas of application. For storing a digital signature, HybridForms uses Microsoft’s »Ink Serialized Format«. This format enables not only the »Ink Object«, a sequence of dots with x- and y-coordinates but also includes information about the amount of pressure exerted and the angle of pressure application as well as user-defined information (metadata).

HybridForms: Secure signatures
  • Form field: all signature fields are stored by default with a guilloche pattern
  • Stylus symbol: field is available for the data entry/handwritten signature
HybridForms: Secure Signatures
  • Metadata: [name of the signatory], display of a unique ID as well as the [date] and [time of day] of the signature
  • Key symbol: automatic write-protection after five seconds
HybridForms: Secure Signature

Personally signed digital forms

Would you like to have the correctness of the entries in the form confirmed? A handwritten signature is also a declaration of intent. Through such metadata as time stamp, fair copy of the name of the signatory as well as the unique GUID of the digital form, later manipulations can be severely restricted.

Signature with paper and pencil

Printed paper form:
Signature with pen on paper; document then still has to be typewritten or scanned and digitalized for archiving

HybridForms: Signature with tablet and pen

Digital form with HybridForms:
Handwritten signature by pen right on the tablet; biometric properties are automatically stored digitally

Optimized data security through encryption

In addition to the security precautions for the signature, HybridForms itself offers the additional possibility of storing the signature data in encrypted form. The data of a signature consist of the ISF file which contains the metadata and the vectorized signature, as well as the graphics of the signature in the form of a GIF file. Since it obviously involves personal data, enhanced security measures are required here.

The signature data can be encrypted upon saving and filed that way on the server. This option can be activated or when necessary, deactivated for every form – or it can also be set as compulsory for all forms in general. A public key encryption procedure is used.