Each completed form is also available as PDF file – with automatic creation and synchronization of the PDF, optimized file size, compliant archiving in document management systems and optional digital signature.

Form content as PDF

HybridForms: Additional PDF view

PDF view in the HybridForms App

  • Automatic, server-side creation of a PDF when synchronizing the content of the form
  • Automatic synchronization of the server-side created PDF in the HybridForms client App – thus the PDF is also available offline
  • Open the PDF view via app bar in the HybridForms App
  • Optimized file size (about 80 KB)
  • Insertion of letterheads (optional)
  • Archive the PDF file in document management systems (DMS) for an audit-proof archiving
  • Optional digital signature
  • The PDF is also available as attachment of the corresponding SharePoint entry