//Multimedia: Audio

Multimedia: Audio

You can add any number of audio files and voice memos to each form and write remarks. If available, date, time, file size and duration will be automatically added.

Open page to add voice memos

  • Open audio: Click on the microphone icon will open the page for audio
  • Counter: The counter indicates how many voice memos have already been added to this form
HybridForms: Open audio page

Open audio function page

Add voice memos to a form

  • Record audio: Click the microphone icon to record a voice memo with the tablet’s internal micro
HybridForms: Add audio

Add audio

List of audio files

  • Thumbnail: After recording an audio file, a thumbnail will be displayed
HybridForms: Audio - thumbnail

The thumbnail shows length, date and time of recording

Audio files: Remarks and meta data

  • Add remark: You can add a comment to each voice memo
  • Metadata: Date and time taken, duration and format are displayed automatically and cannot be edited
HybridForms: Audio - remark

Remark and meta data information

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