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HybridForms Designer: Tips & Tricks

The following notes contain tips for using the HybridForms Designer and make it easier to work with it. Conceptual Design Use a Design tool like Microsoft Visio to make a concept for your form in advance. Working with the HybridForms Designer will then be easier as you already know [...]

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HybridForms Designer: Grid system

The pre-defined grid systems helps to structure and create professional forms with rows and columns. Columns are the smallest unit of a form template and you can arrange them in different ways to customize your templates. Pre-defined grid system with rows and columns Each form template is based on [...]

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HybridForms Designer: Form titles

The form titles are needed to distinguish the forms. Edit three different types: form title, short form title and list title. Depending on the resolution and the orientation of the device, the form title or the short title will be displayed. The list title is displayed on the dashboard. [...]

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HybridForms Designer | Index

Introduction & Overview HybridForms Designer: System requirements HybridForms Designer: Overview HybridForms Designer: Grid system HybridForms Designer: Tips & Tricks Structure HybridForms Designer: Form titles HybridForms Designer: Add pages and edit properties HybridForms Designer: Add tabs to a page HybridForms Designer: Add blocks to a tab [...]

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HybridForms: Add blocks to a tab

Blocks are the key elements for the responsive behavior of forms. Depending on the device (desktop, tablet or phone) and the orientation (portrait or landscape), the blocks will be automatically re-arranged for best user-friendly mobile display of your forms. Left block – right block A form page is structured [...]

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HybridForms Designer: Overview

The main page of the HybridForms Designer is divided into: Pages section, content area, row elements, form elements and app bar. Working with the Designer and its elements is very intuitive. Pages section Use the pages section on the left side to structure your form. Each page can be [...]

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