The [Advanced settings] within the properties section contain the following functions for all form elements: Default value, Element ID, Mapping and Display on Dashboard list.

Default value

  • The Default value is a pre-defined value for the appropriate field.
  • Example: Use [now] for the time picker to display the current time
HTML text

Element ID

  • The Element ID is the required value to clearly name the field
  • The ID designation has to be unique within a form
  • Note: The pre-defined name is “control” + a continuous number.
    Whenever the HTML should be edited after doing the basics with the HybridForms Designer, we recommend to enter a unique name here
Element ID


  • Define with Mapping, whether the content of the control should later on be shown on SharePoint or not
Mapping the controls

Display on Dashboard list

  • Decide whether the content of the control should be shown on the Dashboard or not
  • Note: See also the documentation for form templating, Chapter: List template
Dashboard list