The form titles are needed to distinguish the forms. Edit three different types: form title, short form title and list title. Depending on the resolution and the orientation of the device, the form title or the short title will be displayed. The list title is displayed on the dashboard.

Properties section

Specify a descriptive form title for each template to make it easy for your users to differentiate between the different forms. Edit a form title by clicking on the preset entry – then the properties section will open.


Click in the title field to open the properties section

Form title

[Form title] is a mandatory field and must be defined. It is displayed as the title of your form on

  • a wide-screen desktop or
  • in landscape mode on your tablet or smart phone
Form title

The form title is the title of your form in landscape/wide-screen mode

Short form title

The [Short form title] is a short version of the title and used for

  • smaller screens or
  • the portrait mode of the tablet or smart phone
Short form title

The short form title is the title of your form in portrait/small-screen mode

List title

The [List title] is used to differentiate the different form templates on the dashboard.

List title

The list title is the title of your form on the dashboard