The main page of the HybridForms Designer is divided into: Pages section, content area, row elements, form elements and app bar. Working with the Designer and its elements is very intuitive.

Pages section

Use the pages section on the left side to structure your form. Each page can be given an unique page title.
Note: 7 pages are set as maximum.

Left browser side: Pages area

The pages section

Content area

The content area is the main part of your form template. It contains:

  • tabs,
  • each tab is divided into two blocks (left and right),
  • each block includes rows and columns with the form elements
Central browser side: Forms/Controls area

The content area

Row elements

Simply drag & drop these elements into the content area to build your form template. You can select from different row elements:

  • one column
  • two columns
  • three colums
  • four colums
Right browser side: Row elements to choose from

Row elements

Form elements

Drag & drop different form elements (controls) to build your template, like for example:

  • text input
  • text area
  • combo box
  • select box
  • numeric field
  • radio button
  • checkbox
  • date picker
  • time picker
  • ink
  • signature
  • picture picker
Right browser side: Row elements to choose from

Form elements (controls)

App bar

  • PREVIEW: Get a preview of what your form will look like
  • RESET: Reset the created form template and start from the beginning
  • LOAD: Load a Designer-ready file
  • EXPORT: Download the HTML file by clicking on EXPORT
  • SAVE: Save your form template and continue working later on
  • HELP: Click to get a hint what each symbol in the App bar stands for
At the bottom: App Bar

The App bar