You can create individual pages within your form. This is especially helpful if you have to design a long and complex form template. Use the pages function to show content that belongs together on one page – for better usability and overview.

Divide a form into pages

When loading the HybridForms Designer, a single page is already set up by default. To keep it organized, a maximum amount of 7 pages is allowed for each form template.


A default page is already set up when you open the HybridForms Designer

Split view

When you narrow your browser window, the pages menu on the left hand side will collapse. Then the page numbers are still visible, but no page titles.
Note: A click on the »hamburger menu« on the top left side will open the pages section and show the page titles.


Split view

Add a page

Click on the Button [ADD NEW PAGE]  to create a new page.

Add a new page

Add a new page

Edit page properties

[Page title*] is a mandatory field and must be defined. It can easily be changed:

  • First, click on the page you want to rename.
    Note: The active page is always shown in a darker blue than the other ones.
  • Then the properties area of this page opens on the right hand side of your browser window. It shows the actual title.
  • Go on by typing in a new title text.
  • Finally, click elsewhere on the form. The new title will be set for this page.

Change position:
Pages can also be moved up and down.

  • Click the respective button in the properties area to change the position.

Remove item:
Delete pages.

  • Click on the red button [Delete page] to remove pages that are no longer needed.
    But be careful: Once deleted, the content cannot be restored!
Edit the page

Edit properties