Row elements are part of a block which in turn contain the control elements. With the row elements and the pre-defined grid system you can design and create professional responsive forms.

Row elements

When you add a new pair of blocks, the row elements (yellow background) are displayed by default.

Row elements

Row elements

Add columns to row elements

The right section of your browser window is divided into:

  • row elements and
  • form elements

Click on [Row elements] to get the list of different column variations and then

  • select the preferred layout and
  • drag & drop it to the corresponding row element section (yellow background).
Drag & Drop columns

Drag & drop function

Add new row elements

To add row elements, just

  • select the required column layout and
  • drag & drop it on the [+] plus symbol below or above the already existing row.

Note: You can add an unlimited number of row elements to a block.

Add rows

The [+] plus symbol indicates where you can insert a new row


Remove rows:

  • Select the row by clicking on its right edge,
  • then the row then should be marked yellow and
  • the properties section displayed on the right hand side.
  • Finally click on the red button [Delete row].
Remove a row

Click on the right hand side of the row to select it