Tabs are used to structure a form page. They make the particular page look like a register and help you structurize your content. And they are also used to navigate quickly through your form by clicking on the respective tab.

Default view

When loading the HybridForms Designer, the first tab is already set up.


Default view at start

Add tabs

Click on the Button [Add new tab]  to create a new tab section.

Add a new tab

Add a new tab by clicking on the button

Edit page properties

[Tab title*] is a mandatory field and must be defined. It can be easily changed:

  • First, click on the tab you want to rename.
    Note: The active tab is always shown with a turquoise outline.
  • Then the properties of this tab opens on the right hand side of your browser window. It shows the actual title of the tab.
  • Go on by typing in a new tab text.
  • Finally, click elsewhere on the form. The new text will be set for this tab.

Change position:
Move a tab up or down.

  • Click on the respective button to change the position.

Remove item:
Delete tabs.

  • Click on the red button [Delete tab] But be careful: Once deleted, the content cannot be restored!
Edit the tab

Edit properties

Properties: Expandable tab

The tab can be opened and closed by the user to show or hide content.

  • Simply click on the angle button next to the tab title to show or hide the information.
  • Note: Closed tabs will be hidden in the PDF output.
Edit the tab

The expandable property of a tab

Properties: Repeatable tab

Sometimes, the form fields of a certain tab are needed more than once (e.g. an emergency transport carries three patients instead of one).

  • Select [Repeatable] and then the form fields within this tab can easily be duplicated with only one click.
Edit the tab

The repeating function