When you have finished the design and creation of your form template, it’s time to have a look at it and open it with the HybridForms App.

Export and SharePoint

Export the HTML code with the respective button in the App Bar. You will get a .zip folder with the HTML file plus all used components, like images. Then open your SharePoint and follow the steps as described below.
Note: We show the upload with our icomedias SharePoint. It might look different to your setup.
In case of help needed, feel free to contact us.

Step 1: Create a new template

STORE: Form templates

  • Switch to the overview of your form templates
Forms Templates Overview

Add new item

  • Click on [+ new item]
Click on

Step 2: Fill in all required fields


  • The title must be defined because it is displayed in your template list
Template Title


  • This is the version number of your form
HybridForms Version


  • The language of your form: en-US, de-DE, …


  • This field entry for descriptions is not required, but it can help you to keep your forms organized


  • Define the subsite in SharePoint (TargetSite), where the form data shall be stored


  • Whenever you upload a new form type, use [create new target list].
    Then the form data will then be stored in this new TargetList.
  • Note: In case that there are already existing forms on SharePoint, you can select an new empty list or the already existing one.
    When you add a new list entry (see Step 1), always select [create a new target list].

Step 3: Upload your files

Edit item

  • When you are back at your ListTemplate overview, select the entry you have just made and click on its title.
    Then the overview of your entry will open.
Edit element

Attach file

  • Select [Attach file] to upload all documents that are in the .zip folder
Attach file


  • All required files, especially the .HTML file, are finally uploaded and attached to this list entry
The attached files

Step 4: Testing

  • Open the HybridForms App and select your form within [Options] – [Settings].
Settings: Select your form
  • Preview of the form HybridForms – Demo Repair
Demo Repair