We constantly improve and update our software to get best user experience and results. Read here which new features are part of the latest release of HybridForms. If you want to suggest new functions – drop us a line at support@hybridforms.net.

HybridForms 5.0 – First Android Release

Version: Release 1
Date: December 20, 2017

The first release of our multi platform app is out in the Google Play Store. We are working hard to bring all the Win 10 features up to the other platforms, but currently not all of them are available, especially the additional features “audio” and “map” are not implemented by now.

Please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback on this version.

HybridForms 4.0.31

Version: Release 9
Date: December 22, 2017

  • Manage App Bar Functions and Additional Features
    Decide on the features available for each of your forms and manage features and function

  • Optional Encryption of Signatures
    Protect sensitive data by AES encryption
  • Copy function
    Copy a form item and alter only the parts differing.
  • Optimization of Repeating Units Handling
    Repeating units provide predefined form blocks on demand. We optimized the handling of these blocks by changing from sequentiel adding and removal to a more convenient function.
  • Sync and handling of broken data
    Check on file transfer failures and mark defects in the form item

  • Design your Individual PDF Header and Footer
    Style the PDF of your form items by adding your company’s logo and add more information about the document in the footer.

  • ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services – Microsoft) Support
    Single Sign On Access for the Windows 10 App

  • Persistent form fields
    Define inside your form template the form fields as persistent to populate the next edited form item with the values of these persistent fields.

  • Optimization of catalog synchronization
    Define catalogs as persistent to optimize the data traffic.

  • Additional Marking of Synchronization Status “In Progress”
  • Extended Zoom Function
  • Bugfix

    Handling of HybridForms option “defaultValue” corrected
    Saving the values of focused form fields on exit of edit mode
    Approval of form items while synchronization fixed

HybridForms 3.8.21

Version: Release 8
Date: July 7, 2017

  • Bugfix

    Status update on SharePoint from “Edit” to “Approved” during automatic synchronization

HybridForms 3.8.12

Version: Release 8
Date: May 12, 2017

  • Bing Maps v8
    Implementation of the new Bing Map API version 8.

  • Data conflict handling
    Improvements of data conflict handling between APP and backend, better labelling of local item copies.

  • Sync
    Handling of broken files

  • “Submit form” in Offline Mode enabled

  • Windows 10 Creator’s Update adapted

  • Synchronisation optimized

  • Bugfixes

    Location data longitude/latitude displayed incorrectly

HybridForms 3.6.31

Version: Release 6
Date: February 16, 2017

  • Office 365
    Store your data at SharePoint Online / Office 365 by using the SharePoint AddIn “HybridFormsAddinO365”.

  • Microsoft Cognitive Services – Bing Speech
    Activate the Microsoft Cognitive Service “Bing Speech” to transcribe your recordings to the comments field of your audio records attached to your forms.

  • Sorting forms lists
    Easily sort your forms list by choosing one of the sort criteria listed in the new fly-out invoked by the app bar button”sort”.

  • Improved security of signatures
    The signature ink control has been improved to provide more safety by adding the forms item GUID and a time stamp. Additionaly it uses a Guillache pattern for  the ink control background.

  • Improved performance of syncronisations

  • Bugfixes

    App crashes on WinPhone when navigating directly to form on app start
    Update JavaScript Libaries

HybridForms 3.4.4

Version: Release 3
Date: November 4, 2016

  • Restructuring of App Settings
    The administration page has been improved and redesigned. Now there is a separate page to activate or deactivate all your available forms.
    The options page shows only the functions to personalise the HybridForms App.

  • Cortana Voice Commands
    Create and open a new form entry via Cortana.

  • Ink-OCR in Text Fields
    This function enables the recognition of handwritten text in text fields based on your language settings.

  • Activation of Microsoft Cognitive Services
    Easier activation of Microsoft Cognitive Services on the settings options page.

  • Enable Selective Debugging
    Activate the creation of a selective log file and access the file easily by a “file path copy” – function.
  • Adaptive stroke thickness
    While sketching on pictures the stroke thickness is adapted depending on devices.
  • Bugfixes

    Combobox Dropdown Positioning on Windows Phone
    App crashes if ink background image is missing
    Audio Recording on Windows phone: wav to mp3 conversion
  • Online/Offline check revised
    Previous check of active Internet connection proved to be too restrictive.


Version: Release 2
Date: June 3, 2016

  • Digital Ink: Lock and delete
    The ink form field will be locked after the last stroke within three seconds. With this helpful function, you won’t destroy or edit a signature or a sketch by accident.
  • Customer Logo
    You can add your company logo to a form template – for a better brand experience.
  • Picture Picker
    Display images right within the form pages.
  • Integration of Microsoft Cognitive Services
    Extract rich information from images to categorize and process visual data, use tagging to identify content and label it.
  • Repeating Units
    Add (and repeat) whole form blocks within a form with just one click.
  • Deep Linking
    Start the HybridForms App in a specific context.
  • Activation of a global error management
  • Images
    Photo orientation depending on device orientation
  • OData Autocomplete
    ComboBox Control with OData autocomplete
  • UI scaling
    UI scaling depending on device
  • Form templates
    Support of External CSS and JavaSript files
  • Optimized PDF rendering
    To keep the loading time down to a minimum, we optimized the PDF rendering of the forms. A new or updated PDF version is created at the server and then synchronized back to the device only when you save the respective form or change from the form back to the dashboard.


Version: Release 1
Date: December 3, 2015

  • Windows 10
    The HybridForms Client App is available for Windows 10.
  • Redesign for better mobile usability
    Design modifications, introduction of split view