You can add any number of photos to each form, draw annotations on the images and write remarks. If available, date, size and geo-tagging information for a photo will be automatically added.

Read here about the new Picture picture function, which allows to display images directly within a form.

Open page to add images

  • Open page: Click on the camera icon will open the page for photos
  • Counter: The counter indicates how many photos have already been added to this form
HybridForms: Open photo page

Open photo function page

Add images to a form

  • Capture photos with the camera: Use the internal camera of your device. Photos will be saved automatically to the appropriate form. You can save any number of photo to each form
  • Upload from an image directory: Add photos from internal picture libraries
HybridForms: Add photos

Add photos

Make sketches and annotations

  • Comments on photos: Select a pen color (default color is red) and sketch/annotate directly on a photo
  • Save annotated photo: Then save the edited photo as a new file – the original version of the photo will remain unchanged.
HybridForms: Photo - annotations

You can draw your annotations with five different pen colors. Red is the default color.

Original and edited image

  • New file for the edited photo: When you save the edited photo, a new file will be created – the original version of the photo remains unchanged
  • New thumbnail: A new thumbnail of the annotated photo will be displayed next to the original
HybridForms: Photos - thumbnail

After you have saved the edited photo, a new thumbnail will be shown next to the original thumbnail – with date and time of editing.

Photo: Remarks and meta data

  • Add remark: You can add a comment to each photo
  • Metadata: Date and time taken, size of the image and location (if available) is displayed automatically and cannot be edited
HybridForms: Photos - remark

Remark and meta data information