//Multimedia: Maps

Multimedia: Maps

You can add any number of maps to each form, draw annotations on the maps and write remarks. If available, date, time and location information will be automatically added.

Open page to add maps

  • Open map: Click on the picker icon will open the page for maps
  • Counter: The counter indicates how many maps have already been added to this form
  • Note: You have to be online to use the map function!
HybridForms: Maps

Open map function page.
Note: Maps are only available in online mode!

Add maps to a form

  • Capture maps: Click the picker icon to capture a map from your current location
HybridForms: Add maps

Add maps

Make sketches and annotations

  • Comments on maps: Select a pen color (default color is red) and sketch/annotate directly on a map
HybridForms: Photos - annotations

You can draw your annotations with five different pen colors. Red is the default color.

Edited map

  • Thumbnail for the edited map: When you save the map, a thumbnail will be displayed
HybridForms: Maps - thumbnail

The thumbnail shows date and time of editing.

Maps: Remarks and meta data

  • Add remark: You can add a comment to each map
  • Metadata: Date and time taken, location and address information (if available) is displayed automatically and cannot be edited
HybridForms: Maps - remark

Remark and meta data information

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