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Restructure of the App Settings

The administration inside the HybridForms App has been improved by spin off the form selection list. Now you have a separate page to activate or deactivate all your available forms and one for personalizing and additional feature activation. The form selection page lists all available forms. Activate the forms you want to [...]

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Ink-OCR in Text Fields

Just write directly into text fields using your stylus. This function enables the handwriting text recognition inside text fields based on your language settings. Please note: the function is currently still in the beta development phase. Activate the Ink-OCR function within the Settings area. Write with [...]

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Selective Debugging

Enable selective debugging by simply activating a checkbox. Activate the checkbox in the App settings and create a logfile with time stamp to record the activities inside the App. The button "Copy file path" adds an easy way to obtain the file without knowledge of the apps storage structure. [...]

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Cortana Voice Commands

Create and open a new form entry by voice commands. First, make sure that Cortana is already activated on your device. Then, after launching HybridForms App, activate the Cortana voice commands within the "Settings" / "Options" area. Next time you want to launch HybridForms, just tell [...]

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System requirements

Well-established industry standards and innovative technologies for future-oriented and sustainable investment: Android/iOS/Windows 10, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, PDF, Bing maps and HTML5. Testing the HybridForms Demo App The HybridForms client app runs on all devices with Android, iOS or Windows 10 as operating system. You choose the optimal [...]

Video Tutorial

Our video tutorials take you step by step through the HybridForms Demo App for Windows 10. The tutorials are available in English and German. Note: Although still for a short time available at Windows Store, the Demo App for Windows 8 is deprecated. HybridForms Demo App for Windows 10 [...]

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