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Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint Online Integration

By now you can use Office 365 / SharePoint Online alternatively to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 as central platform of the data in the backend. SharePoint App: HybridFormsAddinO365 The SharePoint App HybridFormsAddinO365 is necessary to operate HybridForms at Office 365/SharePoint Online. Note: The  AddIn is available [...]

Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Central data platform

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is the central platform of the data in the backend: support of workflows, data exchange, MS SQL and data analysis. Central data platform Authorization: By user name and password Domain user accounts: Pass-through of the current Windows logon authorization Support for SharePoint workflows: [...]

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System requirements

Well-established industry standards and innovative technologies for future-oriented and sustainable investment: Android/iOS/Windows 10, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, PDF, Bing maps and HTML5. Testing the HybridForms Demo App The HybridForms client app runs on all devices with Android, iOS or Windows 10 as operating system. You choose the optimal [...]