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HybridForms: Powerful mobile forms solution
for Windows 10 and SharePoint

  • Continue your work offline:
    Seamless online and offline operation with automatic sync of data
  • High mobile usability:
    Easy to use and highly intuitive, optimized for field work
  • Biometric signature:
    Authentic data of handwritten signatures is stored verifiably
  • Multimedia form information:
    Take photos, make annotations, add maps, record audio and voice memos
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services Speech and Vision:
    Automatically analyse and tag objects and faces on photos, transcription of language recordings
  • Ink feature with automatic text recognition:
    Write handwritten text directly into the fields with a stylus, the input will be automatically recognized with OCR
  • Create your own form templates:
    Quickly compile new templates with the HybridForms Designer
  • Forms automation and workflows:
    Enrich forms with pre-populated fields and third-party interfaces
  • Real-time analysis:
    Visual data evaluation with Business Intelligence (BI) and Excel Services
  • Edit forms on all platforms:
    HybridForms Webfiller for devices using Windows 7, XP, Android, MacOS/iOS
  • Universal Windows App and Continuum:
    Runs on all Windows 10 desktops, tablets and phones. Android and iOS native as of Q3/2017

  • HybridForms as replacement for Microsoft InfoPath:
    Integrates with the workflow system of your choice – like Nintex, K2 or Firestart

Digital transformation for faster processes and better data quality

HybridForms is a powerful mobile and end-to-end digital forms solution for Windows 10 and SharePoint Server / Office 365 – SharePoint Online: Create individual templates, pre-populate form fields with automation, capture data on-site, validate and analyze input in real-time. With offline data sync, annotated images and biometric signatures. For faster processes, reduced risks and better data quality.

Transact without delay: Don’t wait for paper forms to be collected, scanned and retyped. Work with reliable and end-to-end digital technology.

Do business from anywhere: Fill in and work with business forms in the field or at the office – with laptop, tablet and phone.

Reduce risks and shorten cycle time: Keep all mobile processes compliant and know the status all the time.

Watch HybridForms in action

Getting started with HybridForms:
Our video tutorial takes you step by step through the trial version of the HybridForms App

HybridForms: Mobile Road Accident Report in the State of Saarland

Mobile road accident report:
Microsoft about the Mobile Policing project with HybridForms for the Saarland Police

Microsoft Channel 9:
Digitizing Workflow with HybridForms on Windows 10 and SharePoint

No more paperwork with end-to-end digital forms workflow

HybridForms Interactive FormsDesigner

Build customized templates with the HybridForms Designer, with integrated grid system and intuitive drag & drop functionality

Capture data with the HybridForms Universal Windows App with optimized usability for best productivity – for desktop, laptop, tablet and phone

HybridForms: Webfiller for Mac, iPad, Windows 7, Android

Fill-in and edit forms with the HybridForms Webfiller across multiple platforms, also with devices like Windows 7, XP, Android, MacOS, iPhone or iPad

Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Secure central data platform with Microsoft SharePoint 2013, automatic data synchronisation with SSL/TSL encryption

PDF document

Export and view the form as printable PDF document, which can be also stored in any DMS system (optionally digitally signed or anonymized)

Business Intelligence (BI)

Visualize the collected data with Business Intelligence (BI), get interactive reports and professional analysis – for informed decisions

Success stories with HybridForms

Adam Pease, Camp Australia
“Camp Australia delivers high quality and affordable After School Care that nurtures and supports children’s development. Simply, we make kids smile.
Area managers regularly visit educators and facilities to oversee quality and program delivery at hundreds of sites nationally. Using mobile HybridForms with tablet PCs, we get all evaluation results fully digital and without delay. Our support teams are instantly connected with field operations, ensuring we are always delivering quality care which exceeds parents and kids expectations.”
Adam Pease, CEO, Camp Australia

“The use of mobile devices to record accident protocols not only facilitates on-the-spot data acquisition, it also allows better integration of the entire administrative process.
This step towards digitisation can significantly reduce current processing costs.”

Professor Dr. Peter Loos, Institute for Business Informatics at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and the University of Saarland, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)

Boost your productivity with digital forms – both online and off