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Privacy Policy and Terms of HybridForms by icomedias

Version 06/2014

Privacy Policy

HybridForms by icomedias is a system of smart forms used for the purpose of efficiently collecting mobile data. It uses Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server as the back-end for templates and forms as well as a Windows 8 or Windows 10 app for tablets, laptops or PCs with Windows 8 or Windows 10.
The app can be used with a keyboard and mouse, stylus or finger touchpad. Also, attached peripherals such as cameras, microphones, GPS and location data can be used with the app. It is recommended that conventional security mechanisms be used in conjunction with the app. This includes secure and secret passwords, auto lock when not in use, virus scanners and disk encryption.
There are two ways to use this software:

  • Free Trial users will only have their data stored directly on the client. The form templates used in the trial are located on icomedias servers.
  • Product Version with one or more clients storing data on the client and on the SharePoint server of the customer. The form templates are retrieved from the server by the customer.

icomedias will not store any content on its servers.
The only recorded data is used for creating and assigning access or the processing of activation keys. Icomedias stores necessary information such as your email address, name and company. icomedias uses this data purely internal administration and communication purposes with the customer and in no case will share this information with third parties. All communication between the app with icomedias computer systems is encrypted with SSL technology.
You can stop the free trial at any time and delete the app and your local data.


You can test HybridForms for free. There are no obligations and you will not be automatically enrolled in the paid service. With the use of HybridForms you acknowledge (if not by law otherwise provided), that icomedias makes no representation or warranty concerning the function by HybridForms and may stop the operation at any time without notice.
The use of HybridForms is exclusively the responsibility of the customer. icomedias accepts no responsibility or liability for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, lost profits or other damages.
Our servers are located in Austria, EU.


The contents of the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be adapted and modified by icomedias. The date of any change will be displayed at the beginning of these conditions.